onebiz vs seo

Use search engine optimization or Onebiz?

onebiz vs seo

Replaces Onebiz search engine optimization? Shortly said – No.

The various reasons why Onebiz search engine optimization cannot be replaced and how a proper search engine optimization works at all, should be content of the next article. It takes something more than just to send content in different portals and build back links.

The two sides of search engine optimization

You will certainly have already read it in most blogs. Search engine optimization includes two modules – On page optimization and Off Page optimization. In the latter OneBiz can support you.
The first part, the on page optimization is not less important. Although many factors no longer influence the search engine positioning as in the past, you should still not neglect it.
But I still see in the on page optimization a little more. For me there are a total of ten factors that you should consider when optimizing your text. Let’s look at these factors once more exactly:

  • Headlines
  • Introduction text
  • Keywords
  • Domain, URL
  • Meta tags
  • Length of text Headline, URL, Description …
  • Structure
  • Pictures, videos, etc.
  • Links
  • Love & Energy in the text

First factor of on page SEO – Headline

The most important for a good text is the headline. This has several tasks. First, it is meant to entice the reader to continue. This is the most important point for me. Because only user that read my entire text, are interested in me and my website.
No text in the world brings something and if it is still so well optimized for the search engines or other, if it is not read. Therefore, you should put on your headlines very large value. But headlines have a second function too, they contain the most important keywords (terms) of your topic.
This is not only relevant for search engine optimization, but also for your visitors. It’s important for each scan of the text in the first step to find out whether it is relevant to them or not. Since he’s probably come to your website via the key word selected by you or a related search term, he would of course also want to learn more about the content.
The title of your article, so the main title, brings the reader into your text. The other headlines give him an overview, which in turn decides whether he reads the text more accurately or not. If you write interesting headlines with your main keyword, you hit two birds with one stone – Search Engine Optimization and arouse interest in the reader.

Second factor of on page SEO – Introduction text

The introductory text after the heading is the second most important point for a perfect on page search engine optimization. This, too, (as it should be otherwise) has several reasons again. On the technical side the introductory text for the search engines is relevant because this is the first content of the bots (search engine robots) that is scanned.
That is exactly why it should contain your keywords at least once. Different combinations of keywords or cognates would be ideal. If you (for whatever reason) speak another issue here, which means for the search engines you have chosen the title just to attract visitors. This contradicts the guidelines of Google.
But even if Google & Co. fades out here once, you’ll scare thus your readers. Why? As already mentioned in the headings, the user will once fly over your text. After that (if he is gracious) he reads your introductory text. Only if this is interesting enough for him, he will continue.
So it’s your job in the introductory text to seduce your visitors, inspire or even to shock them. It is precisely these three aspects that give visitors the desire to learn more. It could be that if he missed something. If there is enough tension the reader will read it until the end.

Third factor of on page SEO – Keywords

Yes the keywords still play a very important role in search engine optimization. In this case I am not referring to the Meta tags. The keywords are simply the terms addressing your text. And who learn the lesson will not run the risk of keyword spamming to become punished by Google.
In each theme there is not only one keyword, but many relative keywords and their variations. This also applies to the singular and plural of the different words. Another factor is the right keyword density. On this subject the opinions of experts differ completely.
A very large part speaks of a keyword density of 3-5%. That is to me simply just too much. I’m trying to achieve in search engine optimization, a maximum keyword density of 1.5-2%. Why? This is very easy to explain. Logically, I use in a text not only the keyword itself.
We take the issue of “Money” again as an example. I use in the text the word combination “make money” 1.5-2%. But I still add the various combinations “money”, “earn money” etc. Again, this applies to Google as keywords toot.
Adding those keywords which you should do in any case, the keyword density is much higher. Would I have optimized my main keyword “make money” with 5%, I would be in total already much higher and thus risking a punishment from Google. Another factor why I would never do this is the poor readability of the text. I think with such a strategy, I would just scare the readers from me.


Onebiz does not replace search engine optimization but support it very helpfully. This will become clear later during Off Page optimization. Step by step. Start from the inside “on page” and then optimizing outside. Even if these are only the first three factors of a complete on page search engine optimization, they are still the most important ones. Because each of these factors will help you make your text more interesting and worth reading. You are optimizing the text so without problems for readers and search engines.
Also, I have to say that as well as the writing of a text is much more fun. Because basically you can write about anything you want to write, and it is easier to write down and the text is still optimized for readers and search engines.
In the next article I will introduce to you then the other factors for a perfect on page search engine optimization. So follow my blog if you want to stay updated. If you like the text, then share it with your friends.


7 onebiz tips

7 radical tips to help your entire online business to explosive growth & durable, strategical automation

Automation is known to be the “holy grail” in our internet and information age! The trend especially here is ahead with great speed. Where earlier there were edged link generators or chunky Website Submitters, you can already draw on a variety of smart automation tools today. The technical range includes semi-automated content structure & link building, to traffic building, tracking, email marketing to affiliate marketing.

That this is far not the famous “end of the story” from a technical point of view that is currently being provided and proved to us impressively by the well-known marketing professionals Heiko Häusler and Tobias Knoof. Both have agreed in the fall of last year behind closed doors quietly & secretly on a common line and their two companies come together by fusion. Actually, this warning sign was already big enough for the experts of the scene. But the real reason of the fusion was probably (would you believe!) of building an online and offline-based international franchise system for the next few years.

Both have already proven themselves in the market with their millions in sales and huge launches before. But what they are up to now, can quite amaze even the inclined critics: In the summer of 2013 Heiko Häusler had already fished the franchise expert  Thomas M.Duda from Nuremberg, who had his fingers in the game in the construction of multi-billion dollar franchise giants “conrad electronics”. Shortly thereafter, both started even a franchise system that boasts nearly 100 stores in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) after only 6 months. Just as of Mr. Knoof, who was only a few months later in the start wings.

onebiz available for a few days

Then the fusion of the three marketing giants were presented and the Onebiz project was announced at the Internet Marketing Conference in Berlin, where it immediately achieved record sales since the inception of IMK. Well, I managed to get one of the first accounts of the new cloud services Onebiz. Onebiz – a term that haunts the industry for months and made some excitement. The new service according to a statement of the operators offers some radically simple options for the future, with largely automated content, traffic & link building to operate and accelerate the growth of your own business. The most radical 7 tips I would like to briefly share with you here:

7 radical tips to run your business on the fast track:7 onebiz tips

  1. Think in closed systems. It is not new that clever Web services are built in closed systems. That is to put it bluntly: New users come in, no one comes out. The idea is however simple: build websites, services, cloud architectures, Marketing Funnels or funnels in closed systems and let the user circulate on the system  (keyword Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Google).
  2. Build a viral loop in the system. One of the smartest ideas for vigorous growth, which I have found on the Internet and Tobias Knoof has spoken over at the IMK in Berlin and the OneBizCON in Stuttgart. It is in its essence to incorporate a closed system called “inherent virality”, so that the virality is caused by the use of the Service, or the Site itself. If 100 users today are the next day at least 101 users, one speaks of a viral loop and the site begins to grow exponentially (keyword: “Butterfly Marketing”)
  3. Clone the system, including viral loop. If you have set up the system of viral loops once, so the next step is provided for extreme growth in it self. This self-contained, provided with a Viral Loop system, according to the principle of self-similarity is to be cloned as often as possible. Just as nature does, it is the goal to duplicate what grows of itself. Like the seed of a flower, which already contains the full potential and spread on with each new flower and its seeds.
  4. Empower the system to Fractal Growth. Large networks like Skype, Xing, Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook have demonstrated it time and again. These networks do not think in “link building”, they think in “viral loops” and the dissemination and duplication of the same. Properly constructed, it will lead to the duplication of closed systems (viral loops, cells, seeds) and thus to a fractal growth. Websites, accounts or profiles get “cloned” to self-similar manner. In each of these “seed” there is virality, equality & viability inherently integrated.
  5. Duplicate the “genetics” of the company. As genetics of the company we understand of most of the processes, systems, procedures and documentations. For extreme growth, it is therefore not sufficient to create closed systems to then integrate into a viral loop and clone the closed system and help to fractal growth. Extraordinarily rapid growth occurs when in each clone (cell, seed, closed system) the entire genetics of the “mother company” is cloned. Just as it is of great franchise systems. Each represents a copy of THE original!
  6. Work with the EKS method. As one of the strongest growth driver for branch and franchise systems (which already can grow radically fast in itself), the so-called doctrine of “bottleneck-focused strategy” (from German short for EKS: Engpass-konzentrierten Strategie) by Wolfgang Mewes is mentioned again and again. It is noteworthy that a majority of franchise systems are actively working on closer inspection on the market and numerous major corporations for years after the EKS principle. The strategy works on the weak points, the so-called “bottlenecks” of a company and fixes them successively. Just as nature does. Not constantly excessive watering, but fixing vulnerabilities through “Evolution” helps the nature (of a company) for development & growth.
  7. Automate key processes. The key to radical growth, however, to analyze, standardize and thereby automate increasingly the main processes, and in particular the resource-sapping processes in the company. You think of those time wasters such as content, traffic or link building. Smart software tools or cloud services can completely take over this and outsource the processes mentioned “easily” and automated.

This is where the new cloud service Onebiz begins. The service sees itself as a giant “Social Auto-responder” from which one can publish their content on the Web any time controlled (scheduling of content). This should lead to in fact enormous content, link and traffic building for each individual user without Google having a problem with that. All content can be spinned there and thus “unique” content will be published in their own profiles on article pages, video pages, press pages, news pages, blogs, forums, communities or social accounts. And even if Google is kicking your own website, the traffic will come nevertheless from other websites and the business will continue to run.

I don’t get easily excited, but who knows Knoof & Häusler, knows that it could once again and in good German manners “crash” positively. And a very cool tool will come out of this for sure, though still a seasoned franchise professional like Thomas M. Duda has his fingers in the game. The statement alone that two former competitors had to merge with their company is already clear enough. As far as I know, the system will also start  in many languages ​​and in different currencies. I myself have already reserved my account here as it will be according to the official website, only a limited number at the start, to ensure the stability of the system. The registration is basically yet free of charge, but you never know what comes, and you get at least, “the finger on it” before.

If we look at the current pre-launch and the resulting excitement, then you can only take your hat off like the big players in the industry that always manage to arouse such attention. Over 16,000 people worldwide have already signed up. A number which with my knowledge no one shows in the German industry. Onebiz seems to have hit the “problem-nerve” of the industry. I’m curious how it goes on and will continue to pursue the development and report on it!

Good Luck!

Amin Messayeh

PS: For more information visit our company site here

I am a onebiz desperado

How to deal with Desperadoes in your team?

The larger our OneBiz community becomes, the more we will attract Desperadoes. People who do not know the basics yet the philosophy of our business.

onebiz desperado

We can counter it with a common quality initiative. This consists of:

  1. Responsible Leadership – Do not just spread your affiliate links in the world, but take active care of your people who enroll in your team. The “work” in our industry is to encourage people. And of course, many people make mistakes out of sheer ignorance.
  2. Quality Hygiene – As mentioned by Heiko Häusler, misconduct report so that e.g. spam links can be deleted. At the same time give the person concerned the soft Note how he can develop.

Less Better: “Hey, you full patient, you cannot really read? Open your goggles and kindly read in the group rules before you write so’n welding here?”

I am a onebiz desperado

Much Better : ” Hello (name) We had to delete your last post, please sit down with your coach and discuss in connection with him the essentials of our mutual business and please respect the rules in this group.”

Join Our Desperado Free Team Now

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OneBiz with a different view

register here for free with Team 1975

Currently there are many discussions about OneBiz and whether it makes sense to register here. I would like to explain in this article my own view of OneBiz. Two different points appear again and again: the automation with the tool and the building of the structures.
This must be said – the founders of OneBiz have in my opinion, collected enough experience of their own in the field of internet marketing and traffic generation in order to assess which systems work and which do not. With this thought, the whole discussion would normally smash. But now let’s check the smallest detail.

Automatic content creation with OneBiz

For more traffic, it is necessary to create a lot of content for various portals. For me there are three different possibilities for this – First, I create any text for various portals themselves, which is associated with an extremely high cost.
The second way is to automatically create text, for example, with or any other similar portals. However, this can only be done with sufficient capital. Although advertising here for Unique Content, the texts are the same to a certain percentage. This is unavoidable with millions of texts which are published daily on the Internet.
The third option is the spinning of texts. This method has extremely bad reputation by many and yet is applied repeatedly. I am an absolute fan of spinning of texts, provided that the quality of the texts is very high. Even if you had to write a text on a subject twice in a row, they are just like spinning of texts.

Automatic content distribution with OneBiz

Also many complain about this method and make a use of it every day themselves, because tools like OnlyWire or Hootsuite are every day in use by almost every Internet Marketer. Exactly the same but in an improved form, the tool Onebiz functions. Why in an improved form?
The answer is very simple – OnlyWire & Co. are usually only able to send texts or a maximum of images on the various portals. For video, audio or other formats you need other services. Who has used the portal Video Counter before, knows what prices do come to existence.
Another aspect against automatic distribution of content for many is the problem of duplicate content. I cannot understand this aspect. No matter which portal distributes the content, there are still other texts or images contained therein. Your content is just a piece of the whole site. This can never have the same content as the other website. Were this is the case; Facebook would never reach one of the leading positions in the search engines.

Automatic link building with OneBiz

Logically, with the spreading of one’s own contents, an automatic link building arises. How this looks in the end, can be influenced by everyone. Only the links in the text that you enter yourself are also published. Since Onebiz will have a very good spinning tool from the start, I’m sure the anchor texts can be varied.
Thus, a much better link building is created, as some people always use one and the same name or the same keyword when creating content. Also a tool is only as good as it is operated. Important here is the right attitude.
If I generate 1000 back links in a week, and two weeks doing nothing and then again I generate1000 back links again, it does not matter whether I’m doing this by hand or with a tool. Google will punish me in any case.

register here for free with Team 1975

Why am I so excited about OneBiz?

I then will finally have a system which combines all the components I need for the traffic generation in a cloud system. Tools like OnlyWire, Hootsuite or Video Counter won’t be needed anymore. But the best is known to the end.
If I build up a good team with OneBiz, I can use these tools completely for free. Why? Because my expenses for using the tool will be refinanced through my revenues and income. At its best, I will earn even more than what needs to be invested for the tool.
Now let’s be honest – which known systems have this variety and you get even more money for it? I myself have never been a fan of network marketing or MLM systems. But with Onebiz for the first time a really great product is behind me and my web pages which most importantly brings me Traffic.

Thus, there are four points that enormously speak for OneBiz:

  • more traffic and therefore more sales for your own website
  • a traffic system which combines many well-known tools in itself
  • free use possible by funding
  • Time and cost savings through the tool

Sei schlau, sei schnell, sei dabei!


Onebiz is a unique opportunity to use a very powerful tool. Whoever builds up a good solid structure can refinance the subsequent use of the tool thereby completely. But even without refinancing the tool of Onebiz is not expensive compared to other portals. For this, you can use an all in one system to your advantage.
If you have not yet registered with Onebiz until now, you can of course still catch up. It is important to seize the opportunities when they ones arise. I am happy to support you as a member of my team.

Sign up now here at Onebiz!

Article translated from the German by Sven Schindler

OneBiz has started


OneBiz has started on May 13, shortly before 6pm. The ones already were in the Facebook group, has been able to experience all the excitement and tension. I have rarely seen such euphoria at a start.

Then it finally happened, Heiko had begun the countdown. Then the actual hype started in earnest. Because everyone wanted to have his contacts in their matrix first. One thing is clear, you do not get every day the chance to be so far up in such a system like Onebiz.

Start now on top of the matrix of OneBiz

I have already secured me an account with Onebiz in advance. If you want to be in my team and in the upper part of the matrix of Onebiz, you should sign up quickly via the following link:

Register in one of the upper levels at OneBiz

This system will change everything in internet marketing. Already, considering the entries that have arisen within the first hour, speak a language of its own. What has Onebiz and what it can do for you? All that I have written in my last article “OneBiz – a system like many or success machine” has already been explained in detail.

onebiz register here for free

Registration for Onebiz is completely free. Costs are incurred only when you use the unique traffic system and the other features of Onebiz. So with the free account you secure your place in the matrix. What do you then do with it, you have to decide for yourself. But I’m sure everyone will try it.

Sei schlau, sei schnell, sei dabei!

Your Onebiz Team 1975

OneBiz – a system as many or a success machine?

Your Onebiz Team 1975

Onebiz is now on everyone’s lips, but what is Onebiz all about and how can you benefit from this system. Only few information is published here and there over Onebiz. Only few can imagine at the moment, what impact Onebiz will have on the internet marketing.

If you want to break down OneBiz to one or two things, it solves one of the biggest problems in Internet Marketing – Traffic. During the presentation by Heiko Häusler (Master Mind) I thought only one thing, if there will really be such a system, all other efforts for traffic generation will no longer be necessary.

3 reasons why OneBiz will certainly be a success

Of course, everyone is skeptical when you hear terms such as Network Marketing or automated business. Also, to me it shows no different. On the other hand, I see the three heads and creators from which the system Onebiz arose. Exactly these 3 reasons are why success is inevitable.

Heiko Häusler has repeatedly proven that making money on the Internet is not only possible, but can change your entire life completely. He has even done huge success with several projects. As an expert in automated systems and subscription systems he wants now and with Onebiz to realize his dream of The Perfect System.

The second in the league is Tobias Knoof. Everyone knows his Traffic Prism and who uses it knows what power still stands behind it. This unique traffic system in its automated form one of the main constituents of Onebiz. This is Traffic-Power at your fingertips.

The third and not to be underestimated reason is Thomas Duda as a third-party member. As a marketing and branding expert, he has already led many well-known brands to success. With Heiko Häusler he has not only contributed to the sales success of, but also with developing the still unique IMA franchise concept.

The strengths of Onebiz

Onebiz focuses on the essence of internet marketing, content marketing and link building. Both are extremely costly. Everyone who has ever created a blog and wanted to make it known on the internet knows how much time or money it takes to complete.

Many invest daily 3-4 hours in the link building for websites. Then there are the financial resources you have to spend to create articles for article directories, press portals, bookmarking portals etc. You could also create this yourself, but would need another 2-3 hours for this.

Onebiz will relieve me of this very time or money guzzling work. I will create an article and tell Onebiz to what extent it should distribute this article in the net for me. Logically, all as unique content. I save time and money. Even this feature alone is revolutionary. So traffic is predictable.

Even more interesting is the unique structured, multi-level commission and bonus program. A combination of MLM, affiliate marketing and investor system provides an absolute opportunity for all who want to build a lasting, residual income.

In order to keep all limits for this system open, Onebiz will be from the beginning in German and in English. Thus, it is not only limited to the German market, but can operate globally. This means that the earning potential will rise within this system of unlimited dimensions.

Onebiz brought to the point

To understand Onebiz in its complete extent, you have to test it yourself. Also, I can only give you an overview of the extreme features of this system. And it looks like this:

  • Fully automated distribution of any content
  • designed Viral
  • viral loops already by the use of the platform
  • Each account in Onebiz is practically a clone of the “mother’s side” with all the functionality
  • fully automated content, traffic and link building
  • In the near future, the system will allow itself to connect with virtually any profile somewhere on the Internet
  • Publish your content in any social communities, articles portals, press portals, Video portals, blogs, forums, RSS directories, social bookmarking directories, podcast directories or web directories
  • Constant expansion of the functions

OneBiz the perfect system

However, the chances of a successful traffic building should not be tied to the size of your purse. Precisely for this reason, the entry (registration) for Onebiz is free. You determine in what extent and for how long Onebiz takes over the content marketing and link building.

A link, an article or a bookmark is once set, remains. With paid advertising the traffic is immediately stopped as soon as you no longer unlock the advertising. The traffic channels you build with Onebiz get to stay forever.


There are chances in life that you should just take. It does not matter for what you want to use Onebiz, you can only benefit from this system. I’ve used my chance anyway. How many times have you already registered with any of these systems, without having to get a really good added value?

Here you have the unique opportunity to set up a simple registration on one of the upper levels of this system. Whether you then use it or not, you can still choose freely. But one thing is for sure the rush to Onebiz will be enormous. I’m going to publish more informative links below that will give you more information about Onebiz.

Website OneBiz


Article by Sven Schindler (Translated from the German)

Sei schlau, sei schnell, sei dabei!